samedi 8 novembre 2014

Planet 02


mardi 4 novembre 2014


jeudi 9 octobre 2014


vendredi 19 septembre 2014


This is an illustration made for my talented friend Guillaume Fesquet. He did a great illustration who inspired me a lot, so I've proposed to tell what's happened next. Check his work, it's crazy!

mardi 9 septembre 2014

MEET MEAT (2013)

Hi everybody! After one year, my graduation film is finally online.
co-directed with Christine Shin, Eve Guastella, David Martins Da Silva and Mael Jaouen.
I hope you'll like it!

and there are some early researches I did for the project...

Character Design...


And for more details you can check my making-of...

lundi 8 septembre 2014


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